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  1. I wanted to know as a wife and daughter-in-law do i have any HAQ on my husbands property?
  2. I converted a month ago to islam and I recall no one saying to me that i had to be born a muslim to be one.
  3. The point is we r not allowed to take doury
  4. When there is a beggar begging for money, should we help him/her without knowing his/her religion
  5. KYA islam fraud se mana nahi karta?
  6. Is it permissible to listen to Nasheeds considering that they some may be prone to exaggerations
  7. I convert to Islam and i dont know how to read and announce word in Arabic
  8. The dentist has adviced me to do an implant of the two teeth missing (to replace them)
  9. Wether a mature woman can teach (ISlam / Quran majeed while observing complete Niqab and Hijab) to men or not in a class room.? and vise versa
  10. In a building, there were some personal belonging left by someone more than a year back.
  11. I have a younger brother who is Alhamdullilllah a Hafiz but he is not having good company and has no respect for parents.
  12. Q `s can i while walking listen quran?
  13. I have a son of 5+ years of age. He is very fond of praying all 4 times Namaz
  14. Is the in-laws (my father and mother / father and mother of my wife) become mehram to each other.
  15. Is it haram to love some one ??
  16. If the father expires , mother is live , son sell the father house then how much sister will get the share as per islamic rules.
  17. Is it shirk to find the sex of the baby in the mothers womb ?
  18. Should a wife follow her husbands orders even if they are against islam ?
  19. If a minor girl is raped is it her mistake in that and will she be punished for that by ALLAH?
  20. What is the ruling in Islam about the hair on body?

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