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  1. I had a doubt regarding growing nails
  2. That i have problem while a get up in the morning when i touched my private parts i noticed some thich water like drop will be there so this continues after taking bath also
  3. I was wondering if a woman should say a certain Duaa while washing herself after menstruation and/or sexual contact?
  4. Me and my wife r both sinustestis patient(ie)continous cold,running nose, wiesing,sniezing etc cant bath head continously cause it may lead to serious problems.
  5. I know in islam cleanliness is considered to be half the deen. But sometimes I feel that the feeling of uncleanliness has taken over my life.
  6. Whether doing exercise,body building is encouraged or is prohibited in islam
  7. Please advise area of private parts which should be shaved. Please also advise that can a male use hair removing creams for removal of pubic hairs?
  8. ,a lot of people have told me dat removing hair from your body is haraam,is this true?the reason i remove hair through waxing not shaving is because then i feel clean,is this wrong?
  9. Plz tell me why is insurance haram?
  10. In my company, the management has contract with insurance that covers employees health. When we go under any medical treatment, shall we rise insurance claim? is that allowed in Islam?
  11. Is it mandatory for a man to take Ghusl/Bath after ejaculation which is due to non-intercourse reasons; like wet dreams etc...
  12. Is it true that in our religion " Islam" that our children should not be vaccinzed aganist diseases?
  13. My Question is, If husband and wife sit togeather and talk and be near each other. And due to exitement or non exitment, the liquid of husband or of wife flows. Is Gusul Fard on them or what?
  14. I have a question regarding ghusul. When a woman delivers a child she will have her ghusul on forty days.
  15. What is the proper way to get bath for any salat or after sex etc.
  16. The other day our Pesh Imam looked at me and asked whether i DYE THE HAIR
  17. I would like to ask you a question: Can ghusl be done in naked.
  18. I would like to ask if one can make a salat after he had a spum just by washing his private part only.(Not taking a shower)
  19. I would like to know the perfect procedure of ghusl
  20. What is the true method of taking a gusal after ihtilam or after having sex with your wife. Please tell me in detail. It is not that i dont know it but i want to see it in detail

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