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  1. I read hadith saying that its forbidden for women to make space between teeth artificially.
  2. During fasting while sleeping if get erection and the liquid comes out,fasting is still valid
  3. I have a western style toilet. Whenever i use my toilet i feel like some water from inside the bowl had touched me.
  4. I always feel dirty n i hardly ever feel clean enough to pray.
  5. I currently suffer from a urinary problem - I tend to dribble urine/pre-seminal fluid after urinating (not major urinary incontinence) & leak very slightly intermittently (on & off - no detectable pattern)
  6. I just want to ask if a man has an intercourse with his wife then is ghusal (bathing) a must or not....
  7. Are women allowed to remove there hair from there face..
  8. It is sufficient to do istinja with toilet paper after having attended the toilet
  9. "Five practices are characteristics of the Fitra (nature):, shaving the pubic hair, , clipping the nails
  10. If by accident i get touch of alcohol or some drops of alcohol touches my body so in this case i have 2 take bath/gusl or wat shud do.
  11. Is there any limitations on how should a women take bath. Can she take a shower while standing
  12. Is it okay for men to shave their legs, arms, chest and back?
  13. Can you pls give me the complete process / procedure of how to do ghusl.
  14. A women should put tohara by taking bath after having sex.
  15. My Q is tht is it sunnah to use miswak b4 performing ablution?
  16. We use water to clean ourselves after we`ve been to the toilet.
  17. Removing hairs from hands and legs (waxing) are permissible
  18. Can you tell me that is it forbidden in islam to urinate while standing.
  19. Whenever I urinate and then do wudu a drop or two always comes out of my penis
  20. I have question regarding to ghusal

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