1. Can we make duaa as follows?
  2. Why our supplicants not answer?
  3. What kind the surah i can read for improve my studies or intellengent
  4. According to sunnah, can you suggest a dua for releiving pain.
  5. There are some of the Duroods which are in my knowledge but some I have seen for the first time.
  6. Please tell us any WAZEEFA, TASBI etc. for our BABY.
  7. Nafl prayers & after every Fard Namaaz whether we have to read Tasbi " Subahanalla - 33 times,Alhamdullillah - 33 times and Allahu Akbar - 34.
  8. What type of duha do we read while taking bath on the 40th day after delivery.
  9. Is it compulsory to recite darood shareef 3/5/7/11 times before and after , while saying dua`a (supplication) ?
  10. "Fatema-ni-Tasbee" that all bohra recites 33 times after every farizat-ki-namaaz.
  11. During fajar salah, after finishing 2 sunnah i recite allahhumma antas salamo wamin tas salamo
  12. Is there any dua before going for exam and asking ALLAH for help..
  13. After the fard salah can one lift hands to make (ask) duaa or not?
  14. I just went through this Naat of sami yusuf
  15. Can you suggest a dua to reduce debt with the procedure.
  16. After Namaz when I do Dua, can I ask for wealth in Dua.
  17. I have read on a site that the Imam should only do collective Du'aa
  18. I started import export(food coomodities) business in 1999.My first two years went well.But after that time i have been ontinously under trouble
  19. I read somewhere on a website that you cannot do du'ua in any other language but Arabic while in sajdah,
  20. Repeating tasbih ruku 15 times

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