1. Where is all the Zakat money received by Syedna channeled to?
  2. Charity Request
  3. Widows Money
  4. Zakat Money goes to Syedna or poor?
  5. Subject: RE: Akika/ Khums Assalamu-alaikum Burhan, Jazakallah for reply to my query on Aqeeka. I look forward to reading on the subject on the website. I have read the text on Khums. I would like you to comment on the version given on the website: Khuda Hafiz
  6. Zakath on gold
  7. What does Zakat, Misaak, Polytheism mean?
  8. Khums
  9. I participated in the 'CUMMATI'
  10. Zakat on stolen gold
  11. Do I have to pay Zakat after possession of the shop on the value of the shop
  12. What does Sadaqa mean?
  13. Zakat openly or secretly: I am talking gives money to one supermarket and tell them to supply provision to the masakins
  14. Zakat on rent or property value: If the person lives in the house himself, then there is no zakaah on the house. But if the person has given the house out on rent to someone else, he does not have to pay zakat on the property value, but rather he must pay 2.5% of the gross annual rent as the zakaah for his property. Some scholars have also opined that the calculation of the zakaah on the rented house should be treated like the calculation of artificially irrigated agricultural land, and the owner must pay a 5% zakaah on the gross annual rent. dear brother from the above statement it is clear that if i have property other than my house and that is rented i dont need to pay zakah on the property value but on the excess income from the property or rent
  15. Zakah on rent or property value: Plz answer as i enquired from one aalim and he told me that zakah will be on the income and not on the property value
  16. Shias are still following the system of Khums?
  17. By Allah could someone help pay my study, so I can feed my familly.: How can the needy ask from the needy?
  18. Khums collected for Cold War?
  19. Khums

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