Did the Prophet saws help a disbeliever?

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there was a question asked,

Can we help a person who hate muslims because of religion / or many are terrorist is it allowed or prohibited ?

Your answer was that one should not help or be friends with those who hate Muslims, because it is written so in Quran.


One should not make friends with such people or help them in any way which would harm Muslims or Islam but, I once read a hadith in which it was written that, a woman used to throw garbage at Prophet Mohammad, but one day she did not and prohpt came to know that she was sick, he went to meet her and helped her in her illness.

So one may help a person in such way? please clarify.


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Did the Prophet saws help a disbeliever?

In the name of Allah, We praise Him, seek His help and ask for His  forgiveness. Whoever Allah guides none can misguide, and whoever He allows to fall astray, none can guide them aright. We bear witness that there is no one (no idol,  no person,  no grave, no prophet,  no imam,  no dai,  nobody!) worthy of worship but Allah Alone, and we bear witness that Muhammad(saws) is His slave-servant and the seal of His Messengers.


Allah says in the Holy Quran Chapter 60 Surah Mumtahina verses 1:  O ye who believe!  Take not My enemies and yours as friends (or protectors) offering them (your) love,  even though they have rejected the Truth that has come to you and have (on the contrary) driven out the Prophet and yourselves (from your homes) (simply) because ye believe in Allah your Lord!   If ye have come out to strive in My Way and to seek My Good Pleasure (take them not as friends),  holding secret converse of love (and friendship) with them:   for I know full well all that ye conceal and all that ye reveal.  And any of you that does this has strayed from the Straight Path.


Allah Subhanah forbids the believers to befriend those enemies amongst the disbelievers who fight the believers because of their faith,  or help them in any way or cause that would hurt the cause of the muslims. 


But if a disbeliever, even if an enemy of Islam,  happens to be your neighbour or is known to the believer,  and this enemy is sick,  or is in distress,  or needs immediate help, etc.;  there is absolutely no harm in helping such a person,  even if he is an enemy of the believers and Islam.   Maybe by the believer showing such high character for the betterment and good conduct  of the disbeliever,  the enemy might rethink his position of animosity towards the believers and their faith,  and come closer to Islam.


Intimate friendship and sincere love with a disbelieving enemy of the believers and Islam is different from helping,  and being kind and just with an individual disbeliever!


Whatever written of Truth and benefit is only due to Allah’s Assistance and Guidance, and whatever of error is of me.  Allah Alone Knows Best and He is the Only Source of Strength.


Your Brother in Islam,






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