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Qaf (Qaf, (the Letter), ( Q ))

Verse 1


1. Qaf. By the Glorious Qur'an (Thou art Allah's Apostle).

Notes (Tafseer):

4939. This is an Abbreviated Letter. For Abbreviated Letters generally, see Appendix I. This particular Abbreviated Letter Qaf occurs only here as a single letter, and in combination at the beginning of S. xlii.

4940. Majid (translated "Glorious") is one of the beautiful appellations of the Qur-an. Its glory is that of the rising sun: the more it rises on your mental and spiritual horizon, the more you are lost in admiration of its glory. Its meanings are manifest and inexhaustible. The greater your experience, the more light is your spiritual eye able to bear. And in that glory is a beauty that none can tell who has not experienced it in his soul. It is in itself the proof of the mission of the holy Prophet.

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